Northern Broome Senior Center  
Whitney Point, New York  
Facility Layout  


The following describes the uses of the various areas and the facilities available.

Main Dining & Gathering Area:
This area is the main area of the facility and is active daily for lunch and group activities. Most
special events are held in the Main Dining Room. Occasional evening dinners are also held here. 
This room has an occupancy rating of 99 people.

Kitchen area:
This area has complete facilities for preparing and serving lunches and dinners. It has sinks, ovens,
stoves, microwaves, dishwasher. Lunches are all prepared off site by Broome County Office For
Aging however. The area serves as a space for food prep and serving. 

Overflow & Games:
This room is used for dining overflow (it connects to the main dining area by double opening doors)
and can be used for small meetings. Card tables are available
for group card playing or games. A television is available with Cable connection and DVD/Video
playback capability.

Exercise Room:
A large complement of equipment is available. It includes a Exercise Bicycle, an Elliptical Machine, 
Cardio-Glide, Cross Trainer Recumbent Bike and a Nordic Track Treadmill. Hand weights and Leg
Weights are also available. Exercise Videos are also available for use on the room television.

This room is used for classes, meetings, and group craft sessions. It contains equipment for Sewing,
Knitting and general craft work. A sink is available for clean up. Many different classes are available
for the seniors - see the activity list for schedules. There are many health, nutrition, etc presentations
available. Again, see the activity list for specifics.

There is a patio located behind the building for relaxing outdoors when the weather is nice. There
have been some gardening opportunities.

The Site Supervisors office is located near the main entrance. The other offices are used for Meals On Wheels
and Interviewing.

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