Pictures from Northern Broome Senior activities and events

New 2019 Pictures added 11/23/2019

Veterans Day


2019 Craft Fair


2019 Grandparents Day

2019 Anniversary Party


New 2019 Pictures added 5/28/2019

2018 Christmas Party - Dec 2018


2019 Sewing Contest



2019 Baking Contest



2019 Winterfest



2019 Valentine's Day



Saint Patrick's Day



2019 Spring Fling




MayDay - Binghamton U Nurses




Game Day




2019 Friendship Tree Annual Tea Party




2018 Veteran's Day
We come together again to honor our veterans.
Very few empty seats and probably no empty parking places.

all set - ready for guests

Pies by "Leslie"
Great gifts

More pies

Military Memorabilia.
Courtesy Tom Hurlbert

More Military Memorabilia

Honored Guests

Honored Guest

2018 Halloween Party
Pretty shifty looking crew that gathered together for this. . .
sorry -- no picture captions --  you'll have to guess who they are


2018 Anniversary Party
Northern Broome celebrated their 44th Anniversary on June 15. Most of the seniors t ye-dyed their own shirts! It was so much fun bringing many laughs and smiles. Everyone enjoyed a wonderful meal. The Whitney Point Friendship Tree spent many hours making cenerpieces and favors for the tables. Everyone had a groovy day!
Sorry - no picture captions


Spring Fling 2018

Monday After Lunch 2017


Nurse Visit 2017



Wheel of Fortune 2017



Halloween 2017



Grandparents Day 2017


NBSC 2017 Anniversary - Baseball

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NBSC 2015 Anniversary



County Fair 2015


Grandparents Day 2015


December 2014
Win In A Minute

November 2014
Veterans Day


October 2014

August & September

Great evening meal night with Rich Wilson
 and a friend

July 2014 Pictures

4H Group Visiting

4H Group Visiting

Making Hummingbird Feeders
From Wine Bottles

National Sugar Cookie Week

National Sugar Cookie Week

The beautiful Northern Broome
Senior Center Garden

National Banana Split Day

Memorial Day 2014

Basket Weaving May 2014

PreSchool Memorial Day Board

Chronic Disease Self Management

Pictures from 5/2/2014 - Penny Social

Pictures from 4/18/2014

Ballroom Dancing with
Dave Black

Another Ballroom

Craft Class

Another Pic


McDonalds Anniversary


Pictures from 3/19/2014

Cliff & Diane Harris
March in to Madness
for a healthier you

Fun Day of Puppetry

Fun Day of Puppetry #2

Fun Day of Puppetry #3

Flowery Arranging with
John Orzel

Fun at St. Pats

Fun at St Pats

Fun at St. Pats

Fun at St. Pats


St. Valentines Day

St, Valentine's Day


St. Valentine's Day

St. Valentine's Day

St. Valentine's Day

St. Valentine's Day


Updated 4/2/2013 (Just missed April Fool's Day)

Celebrating Leslie's Retirement

Shirley - "My right hand MAN"

Look - Bowled a "300"

Mexico Day at Northern
Broome Senior Center

Marg and Ray

Des the Mex


Des & Lorie

Esther & Chuck

Doc & Shirley


Mary pleading to Betty

Hear no Evil, See no Evil &
Speak no Evil

Debbie, Lois, Sean

Oooooo Mehico

Pat, Debbie & Lorie

The Quilters

Diane & Cliff

Rosemary, Janet & Donna


Celebrating St. Pat's Day

The Gang

Marsha all decked out

Johnny Only

Leprechaun Lorie

Lorie & Marcia

Doc & Marcia
'in the bushes'

The Krapf's & JohnnyOnly

Memorial Day 2013

All dressed up in our
Red, White & Blue

Our Cars await us

Awaiting the parade
to start

At the Cemetery

Gloria and Eloise
Watching the Presentation

Sandy and Mary
The Senior Center's Parade Leaders
   2013 Quilt Show

Shown with Instructor Eloise Moore is
1st Place Winner Lorie Barton








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