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Northern Broome Senior Center


In 1974, Florence Craft had a vision for a nutrition program in Whitney Point, NY.  With the support of local seniors, Florence served soup and sandwiches to those that attended.  The center was open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  It was located in the Grace Episcopal Parish House.  On-site cooking began with Florence Craft, and Bernice Cargin joined her.  Many volunteers helped in the kitchen and in the dining room.  Reservations were needed, due to the number of people attending.  In the early 1980’s, the senior center became affiliated with Broome County and was sponsored by the Broome County Office for the Aging.  Food was then prepared off-site by the county’s Central Kitchen, so a great amount of meals were able to be served.  When the center first opened its doors, the meals were 35 cents to 50 cents. 

Site Supervisors were Florence Craft, Tommy Durham, Christine Widdall and Leslie Hiemstra.  Leslie Hiemstra was the Site Supervisor in February of 2003, when the seniors of Northern Broome moved into their new facility.  With the new facility and the up-dated kitchen, even more meals and more activities were available to the seniors of our community.

Today the meals continue to be supplied through Broome County’s Central Kitchen, and some cooking is done on-site.  The current suggested price of $3.00  still supplies our senior community with a valued and nutritious meal.  The center is open for anyone, of any age, to come and receive such a meal.  Those that are under 60 pay $4.00.  A soup and salad bar was introduced in 2001.  We also currently offer breakfast for lunch on Tuesdays, and the 3rd Thursday of each month is Philly Cheese Steak Day.  Both are very popular meal days, and the center is buzzing with excitement!

The center also has evening meals all year-round to the residents of our community.  In the summer months, the evening meal is offered two Tuesdays each month.  Winter months, we only offer evening meals one Tuesday a month.  No matter what time of year, the evening meals are delicious and nutritious.  In addition to  the meal, seniors are entertained by local vocal artists and musicians.  Many are requested back time and time again by the audience,  a clear indicator of how much fun it is to spend an evening here at the center. 

Volunteers are vital to the program at the senior center and many possibilities exist for those interested in volunteering.  Make a difference in your community and volunteer.

We hope you will visit your senior center soon.  Please feel free to call 607-692-3405 for more information or to reserve a hot meal!!  WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU!

Our current Site Supervisor, Mary Mesceda-Knoop,  started in 2013 when Leslie Hiemstra retired after 14 years of service.  Mary is a local resident and has strong roots in the community.  She is familiar with the community members both by being raised here, and by owning a local florist for 10 years.  She brings a cheerful,  fun environment to our center.  Her personal goal for the center is to continue its growth and its presence in the community. 

We also have a Face Book Page – Northern Broome Senior Community Center – so check it out!


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